Segway Super Scooter GT2P

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The Segway KickScooter GT2P opens up a whole new perspective where a KickScooter could be the new sports equipment. The GT2P comes with a cyberpunk design concept and a structure that uses aviation-grade aluminium which can withstand a maximum payload of 150 kg. Safety is not an issue as the GT2P KickScooter uses front and rear disc brakes on the 11-inch self-healing Tubeless Pneumatic tyres. The Segway GT2P can speed up to 70 km/h and has a super long range of approximately 90 km making it the most powerful and advanced KickScooter ever launched. This high-performance and high-tech model will definitely have you turning heads on your way.

  • Maximum Speed up to 70 km/h (43.5 mph)
  • Range up to 90 km (55.9 miles)
  • 11-inch self-healing Tubeless pneumatic tyres with a jelly layer
  • Front and rerear-wheelrive
  • First Transparent PM OLED display
  • Exclusive Boost mode : 0 to 48 km/h in 3.9 seconds

Challenge the off-roads thanks to the dual suspension and STDC


The Segway KickScooter GT2P will offer you the best all-terrain experience.

Thanks to its front and rear suspension, and as well as the adjustable damper to adapt perfectly to different riding conditions, you can challenge every off-road terrain:

- Soft damping for more stability and comfortable riding during a high-speed drive.

- Hard damping for more challenging terrains and bumpy roads.

In addition, this new Segway also boasts traction control, the Segway Dynamic Traction Control (STDC), which means more grip, and therefore safety, when turning and on rugged riding conditions.

Smooth ride or sporty ride: everything is possible!


With the option to have front or combined front and rear-wheel drive the GT2P takes your new KickScooter on any type of tough terrain: the dual motors and stronger motor power, of a maximum of 6000 W, allow you to do more athletic handling, a surge of power and feel more the adrenaline. Thanks to the dual-motor, your KickScooter can easily climb up to a 30% incline.

The GT2P is equipped with three different riding modes (eco, standard, and sport mode) as well as Walk mode and Park mode. More excitingly, the unique BOOST MODE can take your KickScooter from Zero to 48 km/h in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 70 km/h for use on private tracks.

Keep your KickScooter in a safe place


You have the alternative to (un)lock your KickScooter via the Segway-Ninebot APP, which will at the same time activate the anti-theft function:

- The KickScooter will sound the alarm with flashing lights when it is moved for 3 seconds.

- The KickScooter will keep beeping when it is moved for 10 seconds, and if the KickScooter is moved again within 60 seconds, the beep will not stop.

When the KickScooter is unlocked, it will automatically power off if there is no operation within 10 minutes so no energy goes to waste.

First Easy-to-read Transparent Coloured LED Dashboard


The GT2P features our brand-new full colour AND transparent PM OLED dashboard display, a very first on KickScooters, giving you all the information you need at a glance:

- your speed and remaining range.

- which mode is activated (PARK-WALK-ECO-SPORT-RACE or even BOOST mode).

- which lights are on/off: turning signal indicator, headlight.

- if one wheel drive (1WD) or 2 wheels drive (2WD) is activated.

- battery level, cruise control and many more...

Improved Safety and Comfort Thanks to Larger Tyres


The Segway GT2P comes with self-healing large 11-inch pneumatic tyres (with a jelly coating inside the tyre) that offer lower puncture risk and less maintenance needed. The tyres have treads that are 92 mm wide, allowing heavy usage, better durability on any surface and also more stability during your ride.

In addition to the comfort of your ride, your safety is also our priority. The GT2P takes KickScooter riding to another level with its two independent brakes that are controlled by a single level: the rear wheel has Electronic Anti-lock Braking System (E-ABS); and the front wheel has a disc brake, combined with the Front and rear dual-arm suspension system (similar to the front suspension used in supercar). The combination of these brakes brings you both more stability and safety in your commutes.

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