Safety and Maintenance Advice

If you have decided to buy or you own a electric scooter you have to take in to consideration its operation, use, safety measures and maintenance.



First and foremost, you must be familiar with the instruction manual that comes with your electric scooter. You have to read it and get familiar with the control unit.

* The engine provides the power for the movement, it is located in the area of the frame. The batteries inside are activated from this area and they will supply the engine with electricity. There are cables that function as connectors for this purpose.
Depending on the type of electric scooter model, the motor will provide the necessary power to the front wheel or, alternatively, to both wheels. The scooter will then start to move.
* Brakes. - There are two different systems that can be the drum system or the disc system. Also counting that most of the scooters have electric brakes and even some scooters have an ABS system.

Either of the two systems will work in a similar way because the moment you press the control of them, located on the handlebar, the electric scooter will start to decelerate both partially and totally.


A good use of the scooter will allow you to have more durability and safety
* The asphalt is not always firm and you must keep your head up to control everything and see far enough away to be able to react to any incident. You must also be able to anticipate potholes and irregularities in the road that could cause you to be unhappy.
* The pavement is for pedestrians. Regardless of the regulations of each country, what is clear is that the pavement will never be an option, since it must be reserved only for pedestrians.
The bicycle lane, the best option for moving around on a scooter.
* The steering column must not be pulled or pushed hard when accelerating or braking. You must also make sure that the steering column supports the right weight.


Adapt your speed to your surroundings, thus avoiding unnecessary accidents.
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
Do not use your mobile phone.
Wear suitable footwear.
Wear a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow protectors.
Wear reflective clothing.
Wear good lighting on the scooter.


Even if you choose a high quality scooter you should not neglect its use and take into account its perfect maintenance:
You cannot drive in the rain, the battery will be damaged and the warranty of the scooter will not cover the damages.
Check that the wheels have the right pressure, that the brakes work properly (with time they loosen) that the lights work, both those at the front and at the rear, and that the bolts are properly tightened.
Cleaning should be done with a cloth, avoiding the use of water, and for the dirt on the wheels use a brush.
The battery must always be fully charged. Store it at room temperature, both cold and heat can damage it.

In the event that it does not work, you should carry out a total conditioning cycle which consists of emptying the battery and then charging it to its maximum power. You may have to perform this operation two or three times.
Avoid riding your scooter in wet conditions.
The charger should be the one supplied by your supplier or an official replacement, if you use another one your battery may be damaged.
This may cause damage to the battery


Any claim included in the guarantee will be settled. If it is not included you will receive detailed information on why it is not and we will give you an estimate to solve the problem.
* What does the guarantee cover? Any manufacturing fault.
* What is not covered by the guarantee?
ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY BAD USE or general wear and tear.
Damage due to accident or collision.
Damage due to aggressive driving, exceeding the weight limit or any damage covered by the guarantee.
In these situations we will provide you with a quote for either repair or replacement. You will also have to pay the shipping costs.

Our technical service will provide you with any other information you need to know and will explain the best options for your scooter, both for repair and customization.