Advantages of using an electric scooter

We are gradually returning to our daily routines, and we must tackle this phase of de-quarantine by adopting a series of preventive measures. One of them is the rule of social alienation.


With your scooter you can keep the social distance, avoiding the contagion of COVID-19 when using public transport and this stop the spread of it. You will be protected from contact with other people.


You can take it with you to your place of work or study, and store it easily in a safe place, as most of them are foldable and very light.

- You move comfortably and quickly.

- Are very easy to maintain.

- Easy to park in.

- It don't take up much space and can be parked inside the house if the model      is small.

- Up to six hours of autonomy according to the model and you can do up to 25      kilometres approximately.

- They are fun and you can take them when you travel on holiday for long walks    and get to know the attractions of other cities.

- It offers you a style of your own.

- You can get anywhere faster by evading traffic.

- They are safe since they are equipped with mechanisms to accelerate or            brake according to the case.

- The wheels are usually very sturdy, with back and front lights and a saddle for    you to secure yourself well.

- They are fast and some develop up to 75 km per hour, not bad for a light            vehicle like this.

- They are comfortable and allow the placement of a basket to carry your              belongings or purchases.

- They’re eco-friendly, so you can take care that you’re out there generating          environmental pollution.


Using electric scooters as your journal ride you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Recharging an electric scooter requires relatively little energy. A full load of an electric scooter uses almost the same electricity as a clothes dryer for five minutes.


More economical than a car and public transport. Even if it means making an investment, you will recover it in several months and with a good maintenance you will have it available for many years.