What is the correct pressure for your electric scooter?

The wheels of the electric scooters suffer punctures for different reasons, either from sharp objects, broken glass, or from wear and tear of the tires or bad air pressure.

If the pressure in the tires is not correct it will affect not only the life of the tire cover but also the consumption of the battery, which will reduce its autonomy as it needs more energy.

Therefore, it is very important that the wheels of your scooter always have the correct air pressure.

For this you have to keep in mind:

- Check the wheels at least once a week, but if you do it more often, much better.

- Maintain the proper air pressure for this:

Know that the pressure depends on the weight of the driver and this table will guide you. Of course the air pressure is not the same on the front wheels as on the rear.

Weight (Kg)
Air pressure front wheel Air pressure back wheel
















More than 100 





Even with this table in mind, we recommend that you check the instruction manual of your electric scooter. The manufacturer indicates the exact values you need.

Solve an air pressure drop. In case you do not notice your air pressure drop, it is best to follow these tips:

- Measure the air pressure frequently.

An inflation pump with a meter is the best way to know if your tire has lost pressure. To do this, if it indicates that there is a lack of air, you must activate the pump until you obtain the appropriate pressure.

- Check the appearance of the wheel.

When the air pressure drops too low, the bottom of the wheel is flattened in contact with the ground. It could be that you have lost air through use or a puncture.

If it is a puncture, you have to check and find the air leak. To do this, use water and soap so that it makes a lot of foam, put it on the wheel and where you see that there is an exit of bubbles that will be the site of the puncture.

If you do not see the bubbles will have to controlling the pressure for a few days and make sure there is no puncture.

Sometimes the puncture is very easy to see.

- The tire suddenly loses a lot of air.
In this case it is clear that there is a puncture and you will have to fix it quickly. You can use a puncture proof sealant. You will have to put the liquid in the inner tube through the valve and it will be sealed. This way you can use the scooter for some time, but don't leave it and replace the chamber with a new one.

For this we offer you OUR TECHNICAL SERVICE, with all the guarantees.

Inflate the wheels

First you have to use a recoilless valve, a pump adapter and an electric scooter wheel inflator with a pressure meter.

How to do it:

- To prevent air from escaping, adjust the recoilless valve.
- Attach the adapter and pump to it.
- Check the air pressure.
- Operate the pump until the correct pressure is reached.
- Disconnect the pump adapter.
- Disconnect the recoilless valve.


- Very irregular terrain: Stones or protruding elements can cause punctures.

- Sharp objects: Nails or broken glass.

- Low pressure: If the pressure of your tires is low, the tire wears out and this makes it possible for the puncture to occur while you are moving. That is why it is very important to have large wheels that are more resistant.


Reinforced tires prevent punctures but, nevertheless we don't recommend to install solid tire as diminish the cushioning comfort offered by tires and rims and over the time you may break your scooter, as with continuous vibration the internal cables will disconnect.