How do I choose my Electric scooter?

The general characteristics of an electric scooter.

Most of these scooters weigh between 10 and 15 kilos, depending on the model.
The batteries can be lithium, gel or lead. We recommend the lithium batteries because they provide more power.
The charging time is also important from 2 to 8 hours.
Must have a good braking system.
Some models incorporate front light for driving at night, in addition to the rear position lights to warn other drivers every time you brake the scooter.

How to choose the best Electric scooter?

You have to be clear about what you need:

Maximum speed.

Autonomy: you will have to calculate the distances you will cover and how long it will take to cover them. The autonomy of your battery will depend on this.

Folding: it makes it easier to transport and store them either at work or at home and also when you have to transport it.

Brake system: it is very important that you make sure that the scooter has effective brakes to avoid accidents; even if it does not reach much speed it is important to avoid accidents.

Weight: important depending on whether you have to use public transport or stairs.

Types and models of electric scooters:

There are different types and models of scooters, so it is easy to find the one you need.

The ideal ones for children are those that reach a low speed, are very light and have an autonomy of 15 hours.

If you need an electric scooter to go to routes, you should look for a power of 2000 W that reaches 45 kilometres per hour, with a range of 45 hours and with strength to withstand up to 120 kilos of weight.

You can even find scooters for every days, to go at work or school or even for do shopping, crossing the city without traffic and get to places faster.
With a range of 45km and adequate speed for the city.

You can also find them with a seat to drive more comfortably, or if you can't stand too long on the vehicle.

As you can see, you have several options and combinations to choose the type of scooter you like best.