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Xtech Semi Hydraulic brakes electric scooter

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Improve the braking of your Electric scooter with our X-tech semi hydraulic Caliper kit! Suitable for Kaabo, Dualtron, Kugoo and Zero Electric scooters.

Best brakes electric scooter

Change your scooter to your liking and customise it with our unique X-tech with a semi-hydraulic brake, you will have more safety in riding your scooter and also a different scooter than other ones! 

Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
Works perfectly in braking performance, able to stop scooters quickly and safely.

Before buying this kit, you must make sure that the adapter you bring is the right one and not the wrong one as many other websites have it in sales. 
You can find plastic adapters or adapters that can damage your e-scooter over time. 

Approve and buy the x-tech kit with us and you will have the guarantee and certainty that you have the ideal kit for your Xiaomi m365/Pro and that it will have a reinforced aluminium adapter.


Material: Aluminium
1x Hydraulic brake
1x Brake Adapter with screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lucie Laurent

Very good!!! The set delivered very well packaged and is more complete than expected. .. Namely there is also the recall spring, the tip to crimp for the end of the cable and all the screws .. It remains more than to proceed with the assembly and try the efficiency I will add an additional information when it will be done

Yanis Nguyen

Compliant, remains to mount it, but it should go. thank you

Chloé Giraud

Perfect item arrived in a few days. Frena a lot more! Seller recommended!

Manon Moulin

muy buena pinza, se puede ajustar fácilmente para frenar con un dedo sin problemas, mucho más superficie de contacto de las pastillas en el disco=mucha mejor frenada. Un cambio abrumador

Louna Charpentier

Come with much calm great packaging don't just have to try it