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PMT e-Fire 10 x 3 Tyre

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Pmt E-fire 10x3 6 inches. The new generation Pmt rubber for e-scooters, suitable for 6-inch rims.


This tyre is perfect for road trips, comfortable and smooth in the corners, while providing a great grip for excellent adherence.

In addition, the PMT E-fire is designed with deep grooves for safe driving on wet surfaces. This long awaited 10×3 wide tyre allows you to be comfortable in curves as well as on straights.

This tyre is recommended for any electric scooter user looking for performance.


The PMT E-fire tyre is designed with an excellent quality rubber compound that is neither too hard nor too soft, making it truly versatile and suitable for everyday driving.


Type: 10 "x 3 (R6.0)

Design type: Urban

Compound hardness: 52 Shore A

Rubber width: 76 mm

Internal diameter: 155 mm

External diameter: 250 mm

Design use: Street

Use of compound: Universal

Rim width: 35-45mm

Pressures: 1.2-2.2 Bar / 18-32 PSI

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